Open six months a year, our campground is ideal for retired couples who want to reside in the Outaouais area after a winter in the south or for campers who reside in the area and want to escape the city all summer long.   

Located in the outskirt of Gatineau, we have the ideal location for weekend or resident campers.

We have large sites with all services, fed by 30 or 50 amps.

Please contact us for information.  We'll gladly set-up an appointment to meet with you.

For seasonal sites

*Large sites with 30 or 50 amps

*May to October

*Quiet neighborhood

*Organized activities

*Close to the city

*Convenience Store and Chip Stand on site

*Customer Service

*Clean and quality installations

*Pets allowed

*Less than 15-year-old RV's only


Suggestions for applying for a seasonal site

Each year, the demand for seasonal sites is huge.   If you have interest in renting a seasonal site with us, here are a few things you should consider:

-Come and meet with us in September;  leave your name for our wait list

-Call back in March for a follow up if you are still interested

-Drop by and visit our campground to see if the environment suits your needs

-Check out our rules and expectations

-Make sure you enquire about availibility and lot size before buying/changing your RV